Titel: „Log in“ Leben im Netz - Einladung zur Kulturhauptstadt Wroclaw

13. Mai 2016 - 31. Juli 2016
Ort: Galerie Browar Mieszczański in Wroclaw

Studierende der Klasse Deggeller zeigen ihre eingeladene Videoinstallation in der Galerie Browar Mieszczański in Wroclaw

.From stories and living space in the internet to a multi-faceted video tableau
A project developped within the 250 year jubilee of the Academy of Fine Arts (HfBK) Dresden. Video works by students of scene and costume design, accompained by Prof Marc Deggeller, in cooperation with Beret Evensen (dramatization) and David Campesino (video).

The world and private life take place in the internet. Students seeked for a personal exchange with internet users and tried to get to know the individuals behind virtual reality. They discovered stories of everyday life as well as tales of vital significance.
The scenic video works are compositions of private, sociocultural and political experience and statements of the interviewed and followed internet partners. The common result is a multi-faceted reflection of various peolpe, works and spaces of the world wide web.

log in – Life in virtual space

Click. Panic – Valentin Reichert
Cybochondry – google to sickness
A student from Berlin diagnoses himself with help of the internet.
But his virtual research turns out to be a vicious circle.

Click. Revolution – Nele Bühler
In the streets: Arabian revolution.
Around the table: Silence.
And in between: Euphoria, frustration and plans for a better future.

Click. Podcast – Luise Ehrenwerth
Here I am and I'm not going anymore. I'll stay, I want to be involved.
What else am I to do – I won't get out of here.

Click. Music – Olivia Rosendorfer
Music is joy. Music is love. Music is rage.
Music is sorrow. Petra's soundtrack of a night.

Click. Adventure – Anna-Luisa Vieregge
A trip and the stories of a globetrotter lead to a new awareness of freedom
and show things from another point of view.

Click. Hero – Julius Zimmermann
Do we need dreams to find heros?
To face everyday life?
In Pakistan, a teenage boy dreams of his ideals.

Click. Play
– Stephanie Zurstegge
Dream job, love affairs and moments of self-doubt:
In her blog, a young woman collects intimate thoughts and plays up on her image.
A virtual selfie.