Mission Statement of the Academy of Fine Arts Dresden

Each year, nearly 600 students attend the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts to study Fine Art, Art Technology and Conservation Science, Restoration of Art and Cultural  Assets, Stage Setting and Costume Design, Theatre Setting and Costume Design or KunstTherapie (a postgraduate course in art therapy).
Courses take place in spacious studios, workshops and seminar rooms at three locations. The Academy’s buildings on the Brühlsche Terrasse, Güntzstraße and Pfotenhauerstraße have been comprehensively refurbished, and now provide facilities which create an excellent study environment. These facilities include the Laboratory Theatre (a modern, practice-oriented stage test room) and the Octagon, a remarkable exhibition space used for the study and presentation of contemporary art. Founded in 1764 as a “Principal Academy of the Arts”, the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts is one of Europe’s oldest art academies.

Video von Paul Melzer zum D_ART Workshop 2015

Clip von Katharina Groß (5. Stj.): New Game

Clip von Katharina Groß (5. Stj) Komposition (Beobachtungen im Studiengang Bühnen- und Kostümbild)