Brühlsche Terrasse

The Academy is spread across three sites. The art studios and workshops belonging to Faculty I (Fine Arts) are located at the Academy building dating from 1894 on the Brühlsche Terrasse and on the Pfotenhauerstraße campus. The exhibition rooms at the Oktogon are accessible via Georg-Treu-Platz. The Academy’s archives and anatomical collection are situated below the Oktogon (access via Georg-Treu-Platz). The Güntzstraße campus houses the Faculty II courses (Conservation, Stage and Costume Design, Set Design, Art Therapy), the administrative offices, lecture theatres and seminar rooms for theory classes, and  the library.

The building on the Brühlsche Terrasse was built by Constantin Lipsius from 1887 to 1894 and has been extensively refurbished since 1991. Our students have access to spacious, well-equipped workshops. The Academy has excellent exhibition facilities: the Oktogon, which is the former auditorium beneath the folded glass dome (known locally as the “lemon squeezer”), two large adjacent rooms, the former library, the Brühlsche Terrasse gallery and the one-time Senate Hall. These generous display areas are used by students on all courses as well as by the Academy’s partners. You can take a virtual campus tour of the Academy building at Brühlsche Terrasse, created by Saxony’s Ministry for Science and the Arts as part of its campaign Get your education moving - in Saxony!

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