The campus on Pfotenhauerstraße 81/83, set in extensive open grounds, hosts sculpture studios as well as the workshops for casting, polymer processing, founding and metal processing, some of which are located in newbuilds.

All the workshops serve the technical instruction of students, enabling them to implement their artistic visions independently and professionally, as well as supporting teaching staff in their research.

The properties at Pfotenhauerstraße/ Fürstenstraße where acquired in 1910 for almost 190,000 Marks. In 1911 six separate buildings were erected there: a studio for sculpture, a studio for animal painting and the required stabling facilities. The architects were Max Wrba and Julius Rudolf Glaeser. Karl Albiker and Georg Wrba taught here. The animal painting school was directed by Emanuel Hegenbarth, and the landscape painting class by Richard Dreher. In 1940 the facilities were taken over by the Nazi Wehrmacht and in 1942 two thirds of the space was commandeered by the Luftgaukommando (regional air command). Although most of the compound was destroyed on 13 February 1945, seven studios had been restored for use by 1947. In 1948 the ruins facing the River Elbe were demolished. A primary school was housed there in the interim, until partial rebuilding began in 1954. The sculpture department resumed teaching here in September 1956.

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