Art Exhibitions form an integral part of the programme at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts. The importance which has always been attached to the combination of teaching and exhibition work can be seen in the impressive exhibition wing of the exhibition building which was erected in 1894. The Academy has a range of spaces at its disposal which are used for art exhibitions and art events of all kinds. These consist of the Galerie Brühlsche Terrasse in the west wing, the former Senatsaal (Senate Hall) and, from autumn 2000, the refurbished “Oktogon” . This very special exhibition space Oktogon is known by locals as the «Lemon Squeezer» due to its fluted glass dome. Its 800 sqm are used for exhibitions closely linked to the various curricula taught. In addition to planning and curating its own exhibitions in the Oktogon, the Academy also invites partners from Germany and beyond to this forum for contemporary art, which sees itself as a laboratory for artistic development work. Each July the Oktogon becomes the venue the Academy’s degree exhibition, which combines with the simultaneous annual exhibition to provide a comprehensive insight into the education provided at the Academy and the results it leads to.

These spaces are used every year for the presentation of Diplom exhibitions and works by postgraduate students. In addition, works by students from all departments and by members of the teaching staff are shown in the form of studio exhibitions. Finally, there are also historical exhibitions which relate to the history of the institution and/or its collections.Additional educational stimulus is provided by numerous exhibitions by guests and partner institutions.