Over the course of almost 250 years the Dresden Academy of Art has acquired an abundance of teaching materials, including the painting, graphic, costume, plaster cast, porcelain and anatomy collection.
As is often the case in similar old-established academies, many of these objects have acquired special historical and museum value over the years. However, due to losses sustained during the war and to other irreversible removals, the items which make up the individual collections have been significantly diminished or even completely lost.
The majority of the so-called “Reception Pieces”, works of art (especially paintings) which were donated to the Academy by each professor when they took up their posts and annually thereafter, have been given to the Dresden galleries.

Of the remarkable Plaster Cast Collection, only a few large sculptures, busts, reliefs and fragments remain. The Academy also retains very little of the Costume Collection which once comprised over a thousand items. The Academy‘s Graphics Collection, also lost a number of valuable pieces during the war and in the post-war period, some of them being transferred to other collections after the war.
Apart from the remains of the historical collections, there are now more than 1,500 works from the period between 1945 and 1989. Most of these are final year and end-of-year pieces. In addition, there is a fine graphics collection from the same period which comprises around 6,000 items.

Among the most valuable objects in the Archives are the 232 folios from the estate of the Academy professor, Gottfried Semper. In 1999 the architectural drawings were returned to the Academy. The collection originally numbered 1,201 folios, but was severely devastated due to losses sustained during the war. In addition to these, the Archives also house valuable architectural drawings by Constantin Lipsius.

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