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Lab Theatre

The Lab Theatre is a flexible space equipped with typical stage resources. It can be used by any Academy students, in particular those enrolled in the 5-year Diplom course in Stage and Costume Design and the 4-year UAS course in Theatre Design.

Experiments and studies with lighting, sound and projection are useful when devising or critically reviewing a spatial strategy, be it for a stage production or a visual art work, but the facility also functions as a studio for photography and video. With seating for up to 200, the Lab Theatre is available to present study findings, projects and productions to interested spectators. Guest performances and collaborative ventures between staff or students and external partners can use this venue if they serve the goals of the Academy. Decisions are taken by the Rector in response to a proposal from the Lab Theatre Committee. Project applications (see annex) must be submitted to the Committee by mid-June for the winter semester or the end of January for the summer semester. As Head of the Lab Theatre, Ronald Scheurich is happy to coordinate projects by members of the Academy, capacity permitting, if they do not require too much time or technical complexity, take place in the course of regular teaching and are not intended for public performance.

Background for guest projects
Project application to the Lab Theatre

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