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Workshops and Laboratories

A variety of workshops are available for the creation of art and other practical work, and include graphic workshops, sculpture workshops, the «Open Media Laboratory» and the «Video Studio». Allocated to the Fine Art course, they are essentially open to – and intensively used by – students of both faculties, masterclass students and guest students. The «Open Media Laboratory» and workshops for lithography, silk-screen printing, etching, woodcutting, typography, photography, manual binding and painting technique are all located in the Brühlsche Terrasse building. Sculpture workshops for modelling, bronze casting, metal casting, metal processing, plastics processing and ceramics are housed in buildings on the Pfotenhauerstraße. The «Video Studio» and wood processing workshops are located in the Güntzstraße. All of these workshops are managed by workshop supervisors. Additional course-specific facilities such as a dyeing room (Theatre Setting) and a high-quality laboratory wing (Conservation) are also available.