D_ART Teacher

What ist D_ART Teacher?

Since 2015 the Academy for Fine Arts Dresden is offerimg a workshop for teachers that are working in High Schools and interested in processes and discussions in Art Academies.

The workshop broach the issue of recent topics in contemporary art as well as in training own skills. It's aim is to intensify the exchange between the Art Academy and teachers in High School, that are instructing art.

We offer a intensive three-days workshop with two alternatives

Alternativly we offer a compact course with various aspects

(among others):

  • Introduction in topics of Performance 
  • Developing an own Performance
  • Evaluation: experiences, knowledge und results - possibilities to transfer new technics into school teaching.

Technique of painting

  • Introduction to painting techniques: material and methods (pigments etc.)
  • practical training

Portfolio Consultation

  • analysis of portfolios for Art Academies
  • examples of sucessful and non sucessful portfolios
  • Discussion and refexions: differences and communalities od artistic practice in High School and Art Academy


Application possible until 15th of august.

D_ART Teacher Dates
10. - 12.10.2018
24. - 26.10.2018

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