Re-registering for Summer Semester 2016

The re-registration period for Summer Semester 2016 runs from 15 December 2015 to 10 January 2016.

Re-registration documents:

1. Specimen bank transfer for paying your semester fee

2. Personal data form – only to be filled in if there are any changes

3. Application for leave of absence

4. Form for switching major course (only in Fine Arts) only to be filled in if you are changing or when you complete the foundation course

5. Information about the Semester Ticket

You can access these forms at the bottom of this page.

The fee for the Winter semester is € 259.30. It breaks down as follows:

€ 6.00 for the student union
€ 77.50 for student services (must also be paid when on leave)
€ 175.80 Semester Ticket

Students on the post-graduate course in Art Therapy are kindly requested to pay an additional € 200.00.

The student pass with the Semester Ticket can be used from 1 September 2015 until 31 March 2016 on public transport provided by the VVO and also on local rail services up to the last station within Saxony.
Certificates of enrolment will be left for students of Faculty I (Fine Arts) with the Porter on Brühlsche Terrasse and for students of Faculty II (Restoration, Stage and Costume Design, Stage Setting (Set Design), Art Therapy) with the Porter at Güntzstr. 34. They can be collected from September 2015.
Master Class students, students on leave, and those who hand in a stamped addressed envelope will receive their certificates by post.

The following students can opt to have the Semester Ticket:

Faculty I

  • - Students on leave
    - Master Class students
    - Doctoral students
    - Guest students
  • Faculty II
    - Students on leave
    - Pre-graduation Restoration students working on their diploma outside
    - UAS students beginning their practical (5th) semester
    - Doctoral students
    - Guest students
    - Master Class students

    Once we have received your payment, we will re-register you.

Please note that you will not receive your certificate of enrolment and your Semester Ticket until 14 days after receipt of payment, and no earlier than September 2015.

You can carry on using the chip card (student pass) you already have for your Semester Ticket. It simply needs updating at the terminal in Güntzstraße 34. Please make sure you take care of this update yourself at the terminal (from September 2015).

The mark will look something like this (specimen):

1)    SS2015   XXXXX         WS 15/16   SETICK
       valid as a Semester Ticket from 1 October 2015

2)    SS2015   SETICK         WS 15/16   XXXXX
       valid as a Semester Ticket until 30 September 2015

Please note that if you are late with your re-registration (payment), you may be officially ex-matriculated.

Forms for re-registration

Achtung! Der Studentenwerksbeitrag wurde erhöht! Deshalb wird für das Sommersemester 2019 ein Rückmeldebeitrag von 272,40 € (mit Semesterticket) bzw. 90,60 € (ohne Semesterticket) erhoben.