Student Council (StuRa) for academic year 2015/16

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Office hours

0351 / 44 02 - 22 56
Güntzstraße 34, 01307 Dresden
2nd floor, Room 224

STURA meets once a week during the semester: always on Tuesdays from 9.30 am. If you want to come along, feel free to tell us in advance. The office is open afterwards.


E-mail to stura©

StuRa members:

Valentin Bauer Restoration
Lena Baumann  Costume Design
Lena BöckmannStage and Costume Design
Josephin BundeFine Arts
Barbara DruenerArt Therapy
Teresa EllingerFine Arts
Franziska GoralskiFine Arts
Charlotte HagedornRestoration
Viktoria KurnickiFine Arts
Klara Lyssy Stage and Costume Design
Leonardo Meyer-Renschhausen Art Therapy
Edyta SzczepanskaFine Arts
Alma Thum Restoration
Luisa Thiel  Costume Design

Key documents (in German):

StuRa, the Leaflet
StuRa Statutes
Higher Education Act (Saxony)

Project funding (in German):

How to go about it
Application form
Finance plan