Workshop for scholors and young adults: D_ART

What is DresdenART Workshop?

You are thinking what you could study. Could it be ART?

The differences between studying art or studying  other courses is immense: for this reason we offer a one week course to get in touch with aspects of studying art, restoration or stage design.

If you know better what skills are important for studying art, the easier will be the decision to do it or to leave it.

The one week workshop is not a portfolio course and not a summer academy: it's a week to discover own interests, own aptitudes and particularly  the Unknown.

Who can apply?

Scholorsand young adults from 16 to 21 that are open, enthousiastic, crazy, curious, quiet, shure, doubtful, diciplined - and already practising in arts.

The course is limited to 20 participants.


Deadline: 15.08.2018