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Studienbewerber_innen und Interessierten am KunstTherapiestudium wird empfohlen an einem der Infotage des Aufbaustudiengangs KunstTherapie teilzunehmen. Fragen zu Studium, Bewerbung und der Bewerbungsmappe können dabei beantwortet werden. Mappen mit eigenen künstlerischen Arbeiten können dafür gern mitgebracht werden.

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Applying to participate in the entrance test

Separate submission of application documents and a portfolio of work by the 15th of April of an even year is a prerequisite for participation in the entrance test.

1. Application documents (to be submitted in an A4 envelope)

  • Application form;
  • Curriculum vitae;
  • 2 passport photos;
  • Copies of school reports;
  • Handwritten informal application giving reasons for your desire to take the course;
  • Entrance test application form;
  • A stamped (or franked) addressed envelope for the return of your application documents.

Please do not use any clear plastic sheets or envelopes, staples or folders for the presentation of your application documents. By submitting your application documents as loose sheets in the order indicated above you make the job of processing your application easier for us. Application documents which arrive late or do not fulfill the stipulated criteria cannot be processed.

The samples of work submitted are also a component part of the artistic aptitude test. It is therefore imperative that the above-mentioned submission deadline is adhered to.

Application documents and portfolios are to be delivered in person or by post to the following address:

Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden
Referat für Studienangelegenheiten
Studiengang: KunstTherapie
01307 Dresden

2. Portfolio

The portfolio is to include around 15 pieces of your own artistic work (maximum format A1, no rolls permitted, may also include a catalogue or sketch book).

Please clearly label your portfolio and all work therein with your first name, last name and home address – do not enclose any additional documents! In order for your portfolio to be forwarded to the appropriate admission commission, we also request that you clearly label the portfolio or its packaging with the course you are applying for.

Work is to be submitted in a sturdy, well-packaged portfolio labelled with your name to the following address:

Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden
Referat für Studienangelegenheiten
Studiengang: KunstTherapie
01307 Dresden

Portfolios can be submitted in person or by post.

3. Preliminary selection and entrance test

Submitted portfolios are assessed within the framework of a preliminary selection process. Shortlisted applicants are invited to take part in a 2-3 day entrance test.

The entrance test consists of two components:

  • A one-day group workshop with art therapy content;
  • An individual discussion with each student regarding their motivation to take the course and their performance in the entrance test.

The entrance test can be retaken twice. Admissions lose their validity if the student does not take up their studies on the start date applied for. Applicants will be given written notification of the result of the entrance test no later than four weeks after the test.

4. Admission

  • Evidence of university-level art studies or (in exceptional cases) other university-level art-oriented studies;
  • Evidence of completion of a 3-6 week observation of services delivered in the field of art therapy or a related area;
  • Evidence of success in the entrance test for the postgraduate course in KunstTherapie (ArtTherapy).

Admission occurs in even years and is granted on a probational basis. The probational period lasts six months.