Master Class

Duration: 4 semesters

Details for applicants:

For admission to the Master Class programme, the applicant must have obtained an above-average mark for an initial professional degree in the same discipline.

The standard course duration, including the examination period, is four semesters.

Master Class students will not be given studios, but they will be able to use the library, the workshops and the laboratories as long as capacity permits.

The first and second years of the Master Class programme end with an examination.

Master Class applications must be submitted by 2 July 2018 to the Referat für Studienangelegenheiten, Güntzstr. 34, D - 01307 Dresden. Please enclose the following documents:

1. application form (see pdf below) with a recent passport photo (attach with adhesive)
2. authenticated degree certificate (Diplom, consecutive M.A. or similar qualification)
3. written statement describing your proposed artistic objectives and your work
4. statement setting out curriculum vitae and artistic development to date
5. evidence of past artistic output in the form of a documentation of up to ten works, unless you graduated at HfBK Dresden in the year you are submitting your application
6. where appropriate, application for a grant from the State of Saxony

Foreign applicants must also submit:

7. evidence of competence in the German language at B2 level (grade "GUT")
8. an authenticated university certificate with a German translation

Please note when documenting your artistic output:
Do not send in original works, but only reprodutions in the form of a documentation (portfolio etc.). These may include photographs, videos, CD-ROMs, catalogues or small slides. Prints are the exception to this rule. Up to 10 original prints (unframed and no larger than A1) may be submitted in an appropriate folder.
The Academy cannot accept liability for these works while they remain at HfBK Dresden.

Master Class application documents