Set sculpture

Like set painting, set sculpture has its roots in theatrical decoration and can look back on a long and varied history. Having essentially originated out of sculpture itself, set sculpture has since carved out a niche characterized by the use of specific materials, designs and technologies to create a particular scenic framework for theatrical performances, films and televisual productions. Modern set sculpture is now used in a wider range of applications than ever before, and is also to be found in advertising and the design of exhibitions, trade fairs and public spaces. Technologies and sculptural objects developed in a theatrical environment are well-suited to these flexible, temporary usages.

The course aims to reflect the many design possibilities and applications that exist in the field of set sculpture. Building on a foundation of comprehensive sculptural theory combined with sound basic drawing and painting skills, students learn to master a variety of design techniques and appreciate the aesthetic effect thereof. Another key element of their course is gaining theoretical knowledge and practical experience of relevant production technologies.

Set sculpture is primarily an interpretative art, and therefore requires an assured, intuitive understanding of stylistics and artistic language. The selection of suitable technologies and design methods enables theatrical sculptors to appropriately develop set blueprints and prepare them for implementation on stage. The course therefore teaches various classical sculptural disciplines such as figure, portraits, reliefs and animal sculpture on the one hand, and imparts comprehensive knowledge of relevant technology and materials on the other.

The sheer breadth of potential employment scenarios requires theatrical sculptors to not only display an increasing level of flexibility and ability to work autonomously, but also be able to participate smoothly and efficiently in production teams.


  • Berlusconi
  • Portraitbueste Berlusconi Thomas Weber2010
  • Stier für den Zoo
  • Stier Zoo Dresden Diplom 2008 Friederike Klaue
  • Diplom Thomas Weber 2011 Gefolterter
  • Diplom Thomas Weber 2011 Gefolterter
  • Diplom Annika Loehner 2011 Aida Theater Cottbus
  • Diplom Norman Lodahl 2011
  • Rhinozerosmutter und Kind (J.Gerkens und R.Aßmann)
  • Rhinozerosmutter und Kind (J.Gerkens und R.Aßmann)