Theoretical Teaching

Theory courses

Science and art, cross-disciplinary

Whatever subjects students take at the Dresden Academy, they will receive a grounding in the relevant scientific theory, be it in art history, theatre studies or philosophy/aesthetics, or combined with practical implementation in the fields of architecture and spatial design or anatomy.

Regular teaching formats are complemented by professional input geared to specific specialist needs. This may take the form of lecture or discussion cycles addressing topical themes, such as the lecture series on “Interdisciplinary Anatomy” jointly organised by the HfBK and Dresden’s Technical University, where academics from different fields tackle fundamental questions around the human body. Apart from lectures, academic exercises and seminars, there are forms of teaching adapted to the specific nature of studying at art college, such as individual studio visits, group discussions on problems raised by students, and project-related work in studios.

The lectures and series devoted to art history, theatre studies and philosophy/aesthetics are public; they are regularly attended by extra-mural visitors and students at the TU Dresden.

The opportunities to pursue post-graduate research in academic disciplines at art colleges have permitted new ways to reflect the current networking between art and science. The Dresden Academy of Fine Arts has been using this as a springboard to develop more intense research and teaching. Working within and between their specialist areas, representatives of art history and philosophy/aesthetics have triangulated a field for post-graduate research that takes modern art history, art theory and philosophical aesthetics as cornerstones around a space to investigate cross-cutting issues in art and aesthetic theory today. This interdisciplinary approach to post-graduate study is addressing a contemporary focus for research and has built bridges between the HfBK in Dresden and diverse university locations elsewhere. The doors are open for higher education graduates to pursue doctoral research in all relevant disciplines.




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Sprechstunde Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten

Let’s talk about […] Literaturrecherche, Referatsvorbereitung, Seminararbeiten.

Du hast Fragen zum Aufbau und Gestaltung deiner Seminararbeit, der Vorbereitung eines Referats oder zur allgemeinen Literaturrecherche? All deine Fragen rund ums wissenschaftliche Arbeiten können in der Sprechstunde geklärt werden.

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